Pay Commission Remuneration for Election Duty Officers of 2014 Lok Sabha Election

eciIndia’s Lok Sabha Elections 2014 has commissioned the remuneration pay structure for the officers in duty for 2014 India parliamentary election for the posts like Polling Officers PO, Presiding Officers PR, Polling Clerk PC, Police Constable, Counting Assistants CA, Zonal Officers ZO.

This new ECI’s notified comes in reference to India’s Letter No.464/INST-PAY/2014-EPS dt 28.02.2014 detailing the list of pay commission under the fixed uniform remuneration on election duty.

section officers and zonal magistrate will get paid rupees one thousand five hundred as lump sum
presiding officer and counting supervisor will be receiving three hundred & fifty rupees for a day or part
polling officer cum counting assistants will be rewarded two hundred & fifty per day or part
class iv personnels will be paid rupees one hundred & fifty a day
Apart from this a packed lunch as a light refreshment worth rupees one hundred & fifty is served on a day per head or its reimbursement in its absence
The team members like Video Surveillance, Video Viewing, Accounting Team, Expenditure Monitoring Control Room & Call Center workers, Media Certification & Monitoring Committee, Flying Squads, Static Surveillance, Expenditure Monitoring Cell are payable as under
Class – I/II (
INR one thousand and two hundred for class one & two
INR one thousand for class three
two hundred a day for class four
one thousand two hundred for Income Tax Inspector

The listed rates are minimum and are applicable to police personnel on Polling booths / counting centers.

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