New Trends in Elections in 2019 by Election Commission of India

2019 rules by election commission of india

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About Election Commission of India

The Election Commission of India is one of the constitutional body accountable for managing parliamentary constituency elections in India as per the rules and regulations indicated in the Constitution of India. It was formed on January 25, 1950 with a vision to describe and manage the process for pc elections held at different levels: Parliament, State Legislatures, and the offices of the President and Vice President of India. In other terms, the ECI make sures gentle and successful working of the democracy.

Duty of Election Commission of India

In its designated role, the most tough challenge before the ECI is to materialize norms and the Model Code of Conduct to make sure free and fair elections in the nation. Its prevalence and independence are made by history, that has proved that democratic elections are not away from sabotage. Heading this end, it has been empowered to foresee political parties and candidates and have corresponding action in case of violations.

New Trends in Elections in 2019

EVM The Electronic Voting Machines were launched by the Election Commission of India in 1999. This e-method of votecasting has supported in decreasing the time consumed for voting and announcing the results.

VVPAT aka Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail will be started on pilot basis this year. The moment vote casted, a paper slip displaying the symbol and candidate has been voted for will be automatically put in a sealed box affixed to the EVM that can be further used by the Election Commission.

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