How To Include, Delete, Correct & Object Assam Vote List?

assamAssam hold responsible for conducting state legislative assembliy election, legislative councils polling of Assam, and Lok Sabha that are held by by Election Commission of India ECI.

The ECI has Chief Election Commissioner CEC giving orders for the gentle working of polling tasks like vote preparation list, registration & distribution of Voter electoral card.

Assam organizes the elections of municipalities, Panchayats, Zilla Parishads, and General Elections and its main work to update and regulate electoral roll of each assembly constituency.

In every assam constituency each Indian citizens who are residing in India and are of 18 year adult are enlisted.

With this entry the candidate is eligible to avail voter ID card.

Any assamese listed in the assam electoral commission is entitled to cast his / her vote in any elections of india.

Assam election commission has set up polling booths to make sure voters have their vote exercised.

One can verify the voter list anytime and get updated including correction, inclusion, deletion, and objection.

And for any disputes on missing list of voters contact the Election Registration Officer ERO of your constituency.

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