How Important To Vote for PM Election of India?

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Why Should Indians Vote?

Vote casting in India is a Constitutional privilege if one is a citizen aging 18 years. However, it is also optional. It has been a tendency amongst voters, particularly in the urban places, to consider the election day as a day of rest. While not voting may not find to have any harm, the long-term problems are disastrous.

Here’s why each citizen of India should give his or her vote:

  • Agent of change: Voting is the best agent of need of the change. If the indian people feel that the sitting government is not making its duties to the satisfaction, they can prove it the door by giving voting against it. Stopping from doing can progress in the same party, or a worst one, being chosen for the suceeding 5 years.
  • Voting as a accountability: Voting is as much a duty as it is one’s right. The entire edifice of Indian democracy is constructed on the building of voting. If citizens are careless over vote casting or worse, skipping their vote altogether—it will vanish the prevailance of our democratic Republic.
  • Voting is an honor: At last, voting is an honor promised on the citizens by the invented fathers. By giving their right to vote, citizens evaluate their respect for the nation’s history.

It can’t be ruled that the latest democratic experience in India has not been motivating. For the past decades, India has been fighting with big corruption, unstable economy, and confused foreign policy. Election after election has witnessed substandard governments hail to power that have made extra harm than better. Still, not casting one’s vote will only heighten the condition. It is our job as responsible nationals of India to have informed decisions and opt the right candidate from those given. Moreover, with policies such as Right to Reject earning broader support, it wouldn’t be long before the system of elections is scaled.

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