Excerpts of BJP Modi From Chhattisgarh on Nov 14 & Nov 15 2013

modiThe gujarat State will find the 2nd phase of poll on 19th november 2013. The bharatiya janata party workers finalized after postponding the polling campaign extension after the Gujarat Chief Minister’s recent visit. Narendra Modi took the rally at gujarat. Holding the two posts as Gujarat CM & BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has visited Chhattisgarh today on 14.11.2013 on a 2 day camp.

About nine main election campaign is scheduled by narendra modi for next two days in the vote covered chhattisgarh state.

Today on 14th of november 2013 modi in his BJP’s election campaign makes a rally at Kurud, Bemetra, Kavardha, Durg & Raipur.

And by 15th nov 2013 On Friday Modi addresses rallies in Korba, Raigadh, Bilha & Mahasamund.

HEre are the recent speech in Bemetra

For constructing building new district i glad Shivraj Singhji and its people around.

Evef after threat of Maoism my adivasi bros and sis haven’t refrained from exercising their vote in the 1st phase of polling.

I ask the Election Commission to place a special chapter on the web portal that provide.

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