Election Commission of Meghalaya Plan for General Election of India in 2019

State Election Commision of Meghalaya

Located in the north-eastern part of India, Meghalaya is the twenty-three most populous state, with a thickly populated 2,964,004 vide 2011 census. The state is categorized amongst the little ones in India, owing to its tiny size and population, and is predominantly inhabited by tribal & immigrant Bengali populations. Like any other province in India, the government in Meghalaya is polled democratically by the people of the state.

When the Indian Parliament passed the North Eastern Areas (Reorganization) Act in the year 1972, it approved the forming of Meghalaya from Assam. On January 21, 1972, Meghalaya succeeded in winning full statehood with a Legislative Assembly of its own, including sixty members.

History and Formation

Meghalaya was provided the status of a semi-autonomous state in the year 1970 before the passing of the North Eastern Areas (Reorganization) Act 1972, before that Meghalaya had semi-independent status because of a treaty association with the British Crown. The State Election Commission of Meghalaya was formed individually for the state while the constitution of India was amended to comprise concerned state election commissions in every state of the Union. The amendment done provisions for the states to have an separate federal body under the helm of the state govt. that would aid the ECI to monitor the electoral processes and affairs of the local urban & rural elections in the state.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Meghalaya

The present CEO of State Election Commission of Meghalaya is Shri F.R. Kharkongor, IAS, who chairs the prestigious post due to his experience and maturity in the administrative field.

Officers Appointed By EC, Meghalaya

The State Election Commission has several officers, who are entrusted to hold the election quietly and fairly. These are as under:

  • Chief Electoral Officer F.R. Kharkongor, IAS
  • Addl. Chief Electoral Officer T. Lyngwa, MCS
  • Joint Chief Electoral Officer Shri D.D. Sangma, MCS
  • Under Secretary Government & Elections Department T. Pyngrope

Election Updates:

  • general election commision 2019

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