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22 May 2019

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Results Live Updates

Lok Sabha Elections Exit Poll Results 2019: NewsX-Neta exit poll predicts 242 seats for BJP+,… Lok Sabha Elections Exit Poll Results 2019: According to the NewsX-Neta exit poll, BJP-led NDA will get 242 seats, Congress… Lok Sabha
24 Sep 2018

Election Commission of Meghalaya Plan for General Election of India in 2019

State Election Commision of Meghalaya Located in the north-eastern part of India, Meghalaya is the twenty-three most populous state, with a thickly populated 2,964,004 vide 2011 census. The state is categorized amongst the little ones in India,
24 Sep 2018

EC Andhra Pradesh Latest Plan for Government of India Election 2019

State Election Commission of the state of Andhra Pradesh is an autonomous, congenital and statutory body of thes state of Andhra Pradesh, India monitoring after the state election process. It was started under Articles 243-K and 243-ZA
24 Sep 2018

Gujarat State Election Commission Plan for 2019 Parliamentary Polling

The State Election Commission of Gujarat state is the extreme body in the state that monitors the process of different kinds of 17th lok sabha elections to the state assembly, municipal councils & corporations, and the gram
24 Sep 2018

Complete List of Cabinet Ministers of India

Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s cabinet is somewhat smaller in size compared to his predecessor Manmohan Singh’s which was 77. Modi’s council of ministers comprise sixty six ministers, twenty eight cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister, thirty-nine
24 Sep 2018

Budget & Expenses in 2019 Central Government Election

New Initiatives taken by Election Commission So as to bring about different enhancements and reforms in the central government election rule, the ECI has considered many steps. Few of them are as under: Electronic Voting Machines were
24 Sep 2018

New Trends in Elections in 2019 by Election Commission of India

About Election Commission of India The Election Commission of India is one of the constitutional body accountable for managing parliamentary constituency elections in India as per the rules and regulations indicated in the Constitution of India. It