Budget & Expenses in 2019 Central Government Election

Parliamentary Election 2019

Lower House of the people election 2019

New Initiatives taken by Election Commission

So as to bring about different enhancements and reforms in the central government election rule, the ECI has considered many steps. Few of them are as under:

  • Electronic Voting Machines were launched to enhance factual and efficiency. With the aid of EVMs, opportunities of any discrepancies in terms of vote counting are almost zero. Moreover, the introduction of technology has just done a fast verdict possible as it consumes takes 3 to 4 days to announce the results.
  • The ECI official website was started on February 28, 1998 to give exact information and immediate results of the elections.
  • Electoral Photo Identity Cards aka EPICs were given in 1993 to avoid electoral fraud. From the 2004 elections, these were made compulsory.

Some other initiatives considered in recent years by the ECI are:

  • Fresh points for telecasting on State-owned electronic media.
  • Checking of instances of criminalisation in politics.
  • Computerised voting rolls.
  • Easification of account maintenance & filing.
  • Guages for best enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct.
  • An extra Model Code of Conduct, applicable only to news media, is yet to be designed to make sure free, fair and unbiased media coverage of central govt elections in India.

Budget & Expenses in 2019 CG Election

The Election Commission of India along with the Union Finance Ministry make the budget for the former’s Secretariat, that is liable for an individual budget. The suggestions of the Election Commission are usually upheld by the Ministry of Finance. The respective states and the Union Territories have to deal the expenses of elections being conducted, but it is the Union Government who incurs the expenses of the Lok Sabha or parliamentary polling wholly. In case of the legislative assembly elections, the respective State incurs the expenses. If the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections are having place at the same time, the gross expenditure is proportionately shared among the Union Government and the respective state(s).

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