5 Dec 2013

BJP Winning Exit Poll Prediction Is Indicative Victory GE 2014 as PM

The Bharatiya Janata Party is formed better to get the Assembly elections across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh apart from Delhi is a conclusion of different exit polls on television channels forecasted on Wednesday.
3 Apr 2014

Top Ten Assets & Affidavits of Candidates of Tamil Nadu Assembly Constituencies

It is mandatory to file nomination and declare wealth worth by the nominees of the respective polling parties for the 2014 Lok Sabha Election. All the parties across the country, state and its concerned assembly constituency contesting
29 Apr 2014

Poll Booths List of Rural & Urban Assembly Constituencies of Nizamabad Districts

Nizamabad district has atleast 1500 polling stations to get lok sabha 2014 poll organized by andhra pradesh government state election commission. Maximum arrangments were made across the district polling booths for 16th parliament prime ministerial election for
27 Apr 2018

AAP’s List of Candidates for Karnataka Assembly Elections

AAP’s List of Candidates for Karnataka Assembly Elections Aam Aadmi Party Karnataka announced the list of candidates for the upcoming 2018 Assembly elections. Declaring the list, AAP Gen. Secy. and Party Observer for Karnataka, Shri Pankaj Gupta
30 Apr 2014

Bihar Parliamentary Polling Percentage of Public Voters Across Polling Stations

In Bihar of India parliamentary voting is on choose to a new govt to form on result date of 16.05.2014. Today nearly sixty percent 72 % polling registered in Bihar although the mercury was at 42 deg
7 Feb 2014

Updated News of Union Budget of India By Finance Minister

Annually the Union budget of India of this year 2014 Annual Financial Statement given on the final working day of the month of Feb by the Indian Financial Minister. Previous year in 2013 the Honorable Finance Minister
13 Nov 2013

Register Online Voter ID of ASSAM www.ceoassam.nic.in

The Congress making 3rd consecutive victory in the Assam Assembly elections gaining sixteen seats and topping in sixty eight out of 126 seat constituencies. This time too congress will stand for the thirteenth state legislature with firm