12 Nov 2015

Made Easy Online Registration of Voter ID Restarts in Tamil Nadu Districts

...ll avail from the respective district corporation officers. As the state election commission of india has rescheduled the filing of electoral card that includes new inclusion old expired deletions change / correction in vote identity ard no
5 Jan 2015

Final Draft of Electoral Roll of Tamil Nadu With Multi Color Voter ID with Photo

...,819 of which almost 1623000+ voters have been included which is 93.02 % go as eligible voters. The online registrations over the internet http://elections.tn.gov.in/ the e-voter application received was 117941 and this encourages online registration in future
10 Feb 2014

Include Delete Correct Object For Photo Voter ID in Pune Districts

The district admin officers of pune has started twenty four help centres to aid nationals who required to register their electoral names in the voters’ list with photo. ALl the registering voter id card phone names will
13 Nov 2013

Register Online Voter ID of ASSAM www.ceoassam.nic.in

...eat and went on first in seventeen others. To get or apply for a new election identity card in assam one has to register for the same. Not alone addition even objection / deletion of electoral id,
17 Aug 2013

Voters ID List With Photos Assam State Election – election.assam.nic.in

...artment of Elections of Assam will be conducting the Election to the state of Assam. There are totally 126 Assembly Constituencies available in the state of Assam among the 27 Districts. Assam State Voters Name List: The