AIADMK MP Contesting Candidates List Profile Tamilnadu Parliament Election 2014

AIADMK MP Contesting Candidates List Profile Tamilnadu Parliament Election 2014:


The Tamilnadu Parliament Election 2014 is to be conducted for the 39 Parliamentary Constituencies across all the Districts of Tamilnadu state.

39 Member of Parliament MPs are to be elected for the 16th Lok Sabha of India and the general election is scheduled to be conducted on 24th April 2014.

The counting of votes for the 39 Parliamentary Constituencies of Tamilnadu state will be done on 16th May 2014 and the Election Commission of India will be announcing the party winning candidates results with total votes in the MP Election 2014.

The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam AIADMK Party leader J Jayalalithaa had released the 39 Parliamentary Constituencies MP contesting candidates name list on her birth day.

Tamilnadu 39 Parliamentary Constituencies AIADMK MP List 2014:

  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Krishnagiri
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: K Ashok Kumar
  • Profile: The candidate to contest for the Krishnagiri constituency is K Ashok Kumar with 61 Years of age who is the present chairman of the Krishnagiri District Panchayat. K Ashok Kumar had completed Pre University Course (PUC).


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Dharmapuri
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: PS Mohan
  • Profile: For the Dharmapuri Constituency PS Mohan of 62 years old is contesting for AIADMK who is  the party’s lawyers’ wing district secretary. PS Mohan had done his graduation in Chennai Presidency College and while studying he had joined AIADMK party.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tiruvannamalai
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: R Vanaroja


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Arni
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Chenji Seval V Elumalai


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Villupuram (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: S Rajendran


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Kallakurichi
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Dr K Kamaraj


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Salem
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: V Panneerselvam
  • Profile: V Panneerselvam is the MP contestant for the Salem constituency for AIADMK who is popularly know as the party loyalist from the period of M.G. Ramachandran. V. Paneerselvam with 59 years of age is presently the party’s Salem City Deputy Secretary who is an lawyer and also manages a cable network.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Namakkal
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: PR Sundaram
  • Profile: The MP contestant for the constituency of Namakkal will be PR Sundaram who is aged 63 currently the District Panchayat Councillor representing the Elachipalayam Panchayat Union.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Erode
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Selvakumara Chinnaiyan
  • Profile: For the Erode Constituency the MP contesting candidates is Selvakumara Chinnaiyan who is 54 year old lawyer by profession and currently the lawyers’ wing secretary of the party’s Erode urban unit.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tirupur
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: V Sathyabhama
  • Profile: V Sathabhama is named as the MP contesting candidate to the Tirupur Constituency of 42 years old who is the present chairperson of Gobichettipalayam Panchayat Union and secretary of the AIADMK district women’s wing.V Sathabhama had completed her post graduate in Political Science.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Nilgiris (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Dr C Gopalakrishnan
  • Profile: Dr C Gopalakrishnan is selected for contesting as the AIADMK party MP candidate for the Nilgris constituency who is 52 years old Chairman of the Coonoor Municipality. Dr C Gopalakrishnan had completed his Schooling at the Arignar Anna Government Higher Secondary School in Coonoor and the graduation at the Government Arts College in Ooty.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Coimbatore
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: AP Nagarajan
  • Profile: AP Nagarajan is to contest for the Coimbatore constituency who is 51 years old lawyer and public prosecutor. AP Nagarajan had completed his Schooling in the North Coimbatore Boys’ Higher Secondary School and in the year 1983 he had completed his bachelor of arts in geography, by the year 1987 he completed bachelors in law from the Madras Law College.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Pollachi
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: C Mahendran
  • Profile: For the Constituency of Pollachi the contesting AIADMK candidate is C Mahendran who is the present panchayat president of the Moongiltholuvu Panchayat in Tirupur district. C Mahendran had completed his graduation of Masters in Economics from the P.S.G. Arts and Science College.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Dindigul
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: M Udhayakumar
  • Profile: M Udhayakumar is the AIADMK contesting candidates for MP in Dindigul constituency who is 46 years old notary public and practicing lawyer in the Dindigul district court. M Udhayakumar had complted his Schooling at Chinnalapatti and under graduation in Literature at Melur in Madurai district with postgraduate  in Madras University and law in Madurai Law College.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Karur
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Dr M Thambidurai


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tiruchi
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: P Kumar


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Perambalur
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: RP Marudhairaj alias Marudharaja


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Cuddalore
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: A Arunmozhithevan


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Chidambaram (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: M Chandrakasi


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Mayiladuthurai
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: RK Bharathimohan


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Nagapattinam (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Dr K Gopal


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Thanjavur
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: K Parasuraman


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Sivaganga
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: PR Senthilnathan
  • Profile: The MP contesting candidate for the Sivaganga constituency is PR Senthilnathan of 49 years currently Devakottai Union Chairman and party’s district secretary. PR Senthilnathan had completed his graduation of B.Sc., B.L and joined the AIADMK party in the year 1988.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Madurai
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: R Gopalakrishnan
  • Profile: R Gopalakrishnan currently the Deputy Mayor of Madurai Municipal Corporation aged 43 is to contest as the MP candidate for the Madurai constituency. R Gopalakrishnan completed his graduation at Yadava College in Madurai and joined the AIADMK party in the year 1991.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Theni
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: R Parthiban
  • Profile: R. Parthiban aged 49 years is to contest as MP for Theni Constituency. R. Parthiban had completed his graduation in political science and currently the Theni district secretary of Anna Thozhil Peravai.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Virudhunagar
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: D Radhakrishnan
  • Profile: D Radhakrishnan aged 59 years is to contest for the Virudhunagar constituency who is former Virudhunagar district secretary and  3 time chairman of Sivakasi panchayat union. D. Radhakrishnan had joined the AIADMK party in the year 1972.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Ramanathapuram
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: A Anwar Rajah
  • Profile: A. Anwar Raja aged 65 year will be contesting for MP in Ramanathapuram constituency.  A. Anwar Raja had completed his postgraduate B.Sc., M.A.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tiruvallur (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: P Venugopal


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Chennai North
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: TG Venkatesh Babu


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Chennai South
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Dr J Jayavardhan


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Chennai Central
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: SR Vijayakumar


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Sriperumpudur
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: KN Ramachandran


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Kanchipuram (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Maragatham Kumaravel


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Arkonam
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: G Hari


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Vellore
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: P Senguttuvan


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tuticorin
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: J Jeyasingh Thyagaraj Nattarji
  • Profile: J. Jeyasingh Thyagaraj Nattarji  aged 60 year is to contest for the constituency of Tuticorin who is currently the deputy secretary of AIADMK lawyers’ wing.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tenkasi (SC)
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: Vasanthi Murugesan
  • Profile: For the constituency of Tenkasi the AIADMK MP contesting candidate will be Vasanthi Murugesan  aged 53 year married to former MP S. Murugesan. Vasanthi Murugesan completed her postgraduate in Political Science and currently the party’s joint secretary of Tirunelveli urban district.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Tirunelveli
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: KRP Prabhakaran
  • Profile: For the Tirunelveli constituency the MP contesting candidate will be KRP Prabhakaran aged 35 year currently the constituency secretary of Alangulam. KRP Prabhakaran had completed his graduation of B.A., B.L.. and now a lawyer.


  • Lok Sabha Constituency: Nagercoil
  • AIADMK Candidate Name: D. John Thangam
  • Profile: D. Jhon Thangam will be MP contesting candidate for AIADMK in Nagercoil constituency aged 54 year is currently the party’s district secretary of Kanyakumari (West).


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