Age Wise, Education Wise, Criminal Record Wise of TN Lok Sabha 2014 Election Candidates

Above one hundred candidates from eight hundred & forty five participants on 24.4.2014 in the April 24 Lok Sabha polls in the state of TamilNadu who have got registered criminal cases against them.

The recent survey by Association of Democratic Reforms ADR & TNEW Tamil Nadu Election Watch reported nearly 6% (i.e., fifty three candidates) of the above data challenge serious criminal trials in association with killing, murder attempt and kidnap.

The source of the document is from the documents of Election Commission by the participating candidates.  The criminal case registered candidates representing across thirty nine constituencies across the state of Tamil Nadu with 3 in eighteen seats thus the assembly constituencies are calledas ‘red alert constituencies.’

The ADR lists 2 candidates are booked under Section 302 of the IPC and fourteen candidates declared to the attempt to murder of Section 307 of the IPC. Similarly 5 candidates are charged with sedition with section 124A IPC and 7 from kidnapping case.

Education Wise 2014 Candidates
Likewise there are even good persons polling in the 2014 lok sabha election

  • one hundred and fifty candidates are post graduates
  • one hundred & twenty one are 10th class students
  • one hundred & fifteen are graduates
  • one hundred and two are professional gradudates
  • ninety six are eighth standard students.
  • seventeen are literate
  • twenty one are illiterate

Age wise candidates

  • two hundred and fifty nine are in the age group of forty one and fifty years
  • two hundred & twenty eight are between thirty one and forty
  • one hundred and seventy three are aged between fifty one and sixty
  • one hundred and three candidates are aged sixty one and seventy
  • twenty three are from 71 to 80 years of age
  • fifty eight candidates are in the age group of twenty five and thirty


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