9th phase polling results of Andhra Himachal Uttar Pradesh Bihar WB JK UK

9th phaseThe election commission of India is ready today for electioneering for the prime minister post for the country of India. This 2014 general election of India is held for parliament head. The lok sabha poll 2014 is organized for the members to be chosen from parliament constituencies and assembly constituencies. The total number of constituencies held in voting across the states of India are 245 constituencies of which 181 acs and 64 pcs. The parliament polling is the nineth phase of election scheduled today on 7th may 2014 with only one more last left for polling. The total number of indian provinces are conducting election in this 9th phase are 7 in number.

Here are the list of state that are organizing the election and its number of assembly and parliament constituencies are:

State Assembly constituency parliament constituency
andhra pradesh one hundred & seventy five twenty five
bihar two seven
himachal pradesh one fou
uttar pradesh two fifteen
west bengal one six
jammu kashmir two
uttarakhand five

For further updated info www.eci.nic.in

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