2014 Parliamentary Polling Manifesto Main Agendas of BJP

bjp manifestoThe Bharatiya Janata Party presented its 2014 manifesto for Lok Sabha elections

  • BJP reiterates to find entire way out of the Constitution framed to build UP Ram Temple.
  • Reiterating its position on Article three hundred & seventy and discussing with whole stakeholders for Article abrogation.
  • lowering of black money through the task force for this cause
  • imposing the strict guages and spl courts to end hoarding and black marketing
  • Forming a Price Stabilisation Fund
  • Debundling functions of food corporation of india into purchase, storage and deliver for better efficiency
  • Launching a single National Agriculture Market
  • Encouraging and aiding regional specific crops and vegetables habitable to the people
  • growing high effective sectors such as labour intensive manufacturing, travel, and bonding cultural employment grounds of agri and allied industries
  • Harnessing career opportunities offered by the infrastructure and housing updation
  • Turning employment exchanges into career venues and empowering youngsters for self employment
  • removing corruption via friendly public awareness, e-governance, rationalisation and simple tax application
  • Harmonising Centre-State associations by producing model of national growth geared by the states
  • Forming a Team India movement that represents PM and CMs are equal partners
  • Enabling fiscal autonomy of states and making of regional councils of states of general problems and matters
  • One active body hereinafter is National Development Council and Inter-state Council
  • Promoting of foreign trade and commerce via state govts
  • Higher decentralisation via smaller states
  • Exclusive emphasis enhancing linking in Northeast region
  • Maximum infrastructure growth in northeastern locals
  • The fencing of borders of India-Bangladesh and India-Myanmar border to be completed
  • Handling with insurgency with a concrete arm.
  • Drawing of Uniform Civil Code from the best traditions and hormonizing with the recent times.
  • New Clean Rivers Programme in mass with more people‚Äôs involvement
  • adheree intelligence agencies from political intervention & interference
  • Improving defence segment like DRDO through private sector like FDI participation
  • Enhancing physical infrastructure with executing work on freight & industrial corridors
  • Infrastructuring gas grids and national optical fibre network even withing in the village level
  • Introducing bullet trains under the diamond quadrilateral project
  • Launching agriculture rail network serving wants of perishable farm products
  • Introducing fifty fresh tourist circuits for the tourism growth
  • globalization of secondary school education and skill growth and forming of national e-library
  • materialization of India’s education policy with UGC to be reformed and transformed into higher education commission
  • Provisionizing emergency steps for security of migrant workers and communities from NE and other states


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